Smart meters won’t stop power theft

Re: BC Hydro smart meters.

Hydro says it will cost us $1 billion for smart meters, with the cost to be recovered by reduced theft. The theft of power will be just as possible as it is now. It’s like illegal guns, impossible to stop by passing a law and hoping for change.

Ontario has installed smart meters on 90 per cent of its base for $1.1 billion. How can it cost us $1 billion for one third as many?

The political Pollyannas think we will all start using less power. Most residents in Ontario have had a bill increase, just 20 per cent have had a reduction.

Split-price billing is only a saving if you can reschedule your peak load. Doing laundry and washing dishes during non-peak hours may be possible for some, but many in apartments and condos are restricted to limited hours due to noise. Considering how many families have both adults working, most are probably already doing those things off peak hours anyway.

It’s like the Golden Ears Bridge. A great idea, lack of planning, expensive process, we get hosed again by political pipe dreams, and the politicians at $100,000 per year don’t understand the impact.

Ross Blair

Surrey North Delta Leader