Stop complaining and get with the program

Surrey's new Rethink Waste Collection Program is a great new initiative.

I don’t quite understand why there is resistance regarding the new waste program. The City of Surrey started making the public aware of this program months ago. This is a great way to protect our environment as well as reduce waste going into the landfills.

Shortly after seeing what was supposed to go into the organics bin, I decided to start separating the organics from the garbage. I bought a container with a lid and put it between the garbage and recycle cans in the kitchen. It took some getting used to and me constantly reminding everyone what went in which bin. Three months later and I think we pretty much have it down.

About a week ago I photocopied the pamphlet for each bin and taped it to the wall behind each one. Now there should be no excuse for not knowing what goes where.

The most significant difference right away was the fact that we went down to one garbage bag a week between six people.

We use the paper yard waste bags to dump the organics in. This will also keep the new bin from having to be cleaned as often.

My only concern is over the fact that the recycling will only be picked up every two weeks.

We recycle everything we can and it gets to be a lot sometimes. The only consolation is that we can still fill our old blue bin and set it out as well.

I think this is a great new program and once people get used to it, they will see the true benefits.


L. Koverola, Surrey


Self-responsibility is in order


I simply cannot understand how people can complain about receiving the large 360-litre cans when there was a card mailed out to the homes months ago that actually allowed you to choose the size for all three cans so they would best fit the size of your household.

Since there are only two of us in our house, we chose the smaller cans. It was a simple process to fill out the card and drop it in the mail. The card even informed you that if you don’t decide yourself you will get the ones the city says and that there will be a charge to change them out.

It seems obvious that people don’t read their mail they receive, so why blame it on others and the city when they gave you a chance to choose and you couldn’t be bothered to? A little self-responsibility is in order here.

Another complainer talks about the “overwhelming smells of organics and meat cooking in the can next summer.” The city has said repeatedly that these organic cans will be picked up once a week and that is exactly the same service that currently happens. So what’s the problem here? Again people, read before you criticize a process that has been discussed for months and months.

We should be pleased that Surrey is working to be ahead of the game when it comes to waste management.


Lynne Smith, Surrey

Surrey North Delta Leader