Surrey mayor wrong on LRT choice

SkyTrain is better for getting people around quickly and safely.

The Mayor and council of Langley City should be ticked off with Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner.

She is running her own agenda according to the developers who paid for her to be in office. LRT between any destination in Surrey or Langley is a clear indication that she is not in touch with what our cities need.

The province has committed to Skytrain already as the fastest way to move people from point A to B and any LRT project will only congest our already congested and clogged streets.

A drive by any TransLink yard will quickly tell you that there are many small- and medium-sized buses sitting idle while the huge ones roam about the streets more than half empty for most of the day.

Hepner is not capable of making the correct decision for the people of Surrey or Langley and should be removed from any further discussions in this matter.

We voted against the tax increase, yet she has been sticking it to us through an increase on our property and utility bills. The only thing I want from her is her resignation.

Brad Anderson

Surrey North Delta Leader