Take a sober second look at alcohol ads

Why does TransLink promote drinking?

It has come to my attention that SkyTrain is now carrying large advertisements for alcohol. What does this tell the youth that are riding the SkyTrain daily to school (my 17-year-old daughter is one of them)?

We are being charged a considerable sum in taxes and fares to use public transit and I believe the public should be treated in a fair and responsible manner in return. Promoting alcohol usage to our youth does not seem socially responsible and is in direct conflict with what society should be trying to discourage.

Can we please get our government on board and stop sending conflicting messages that work against those of us that are trying to be responsible parents? So many times I have been on the SkyTrain and had to deal with public drunkenness and people obviously high on drugs. How many times my daughter has had to deal with the same makes me feel very uncomfortable.

I’m sure this is a real problem for TransLink and costs a lot of money for security. So why does TransLink then promote drinking on those very same SkyTrains?

I know there are many more people that feel the same way (I’ve talked to a lot). I am just one of the few that take the time to write an email.


Lisa Ebenal


Surrey North Delta Leader