Talk is cheap when casting a lone, dissenting vote

Development rampant, despite opposition on Surrey council.

I’ve often admired reporter Kevin Diakiw’s work, but I have a minor quibble with a piece he wrote May 12 titled: “Woods, Villeneuve top opposition on Surrey council.”

I’d like to know how many of the 3.26 per cent of development projects they voted against nevertheless passed anyway, because casting a lone, dissenting vote while knowing that the project will be supported by council regardless is as meaningless as offering a drowning victim swimming lessons instead of a life preserver. Talk is cheap.

It would seem that very few Surrey development projects are being turned down these days, because anyone who lives here can see with their own eyes that new housing units are multiplying like rabbits and are directly responsible for many overcrowding issues. This includes traffic and parking problems, a massive decline of our tree canopy, as well as insufficient social services, infrastructure, parks and schools,  to name just a few.

If these councilors are sincere about doing something about over-development in Surrey, they should step up to the plate and take a leadership role in stopping this insanity or step aside for someone who will.


Gary Cameron, Surrey

Surrey North Delta Leader