Those with money get justice

Legal aid resources are now virtually non-existent in British Columbia

Remember this: When you become in need of legal aid and you’re a low-income individual, you probably won’t find “aid” in this province.

Non-profit agencies that used to go all the way to the courts with you are almost non-existent and have declined in this province because of funding cuts by the Liberal government.

And, the tiny few that do exist are in a circle of “try this number,” and then expect to be told “it’s not in our mandate, our funding has been cut, or we have a shortage of staff and we have to set priorities… or simply try this number.”

Legal aid in this province is a bone of circles and the carcass is the mere sinew of a structure of justice and equality for all. What does that mean, not just for yourself, but for your children, your father, your mother, and the person you don’t even know?

We are evolving into a system only a few benefit from and the ones who have money, well, I guess they will obtain justice.

Equality is a myth unless justice is fairly applied. Democracy is not a bone to be picked at and discarded and heaped on a pile of dung.

When governments’ mandate becomes an illusion of justice, what exactly do we have in a country? What becomes of the future of the generations to come?


Cran Campbell


Surrey North Delta Leader