Transit burden should be distributed evenly

Surrey – The Editor, I have been following the transit funding debate for 20 years. I work shift work and transit does not work for me, so I drive. Today, I am driving the same road (Highway 99), I was driving 40 years ago when I started my career.


I recognize the need for good transit and the funding problems but I am frustrated by all levels of government pitting drivers against transit users. It is no longer a question of what is right, wrong or fair, it is all about getting re-elected.


I would say ‘yes’ to a property tax increase – directly or indirectly, everyone pays. Any question that does not distribute the burden evenly, I will vote against. I will also vote against anyone who supports an unfair vote.


I would like to see real accountability in TransLink. The Millennium Line (the train to nowhere) and Evergreen Line were lobby driven, built for the needs of tomorrow, but paid for today.


The billion-dollar Golden Ears Bridge, built to replace a barge ferry, now costs $30-40 million a year in subsidy. Don’t treat the public as stupid. Be honest and straightforward and they will support you.


Chris Hale