What about the parents?

the bctf and the government are not the only stakeholders in education.

I am a parent of school-aged children, I am a supporter of teachers, not particularly their union, I support balanced budgets that respect our pocketbooks and I strongly believe in a vibrant, effective public education system that is available to every child, irrespective of their socio-economic status. All that said, I do not think either side has many answers to offer right now and I am tired of the rhetoric and speaking points.

Even more concerning is this: we as parents have no formal voice. We cannot meaningfully influence change and have no mechanism to directly affect policy or decision. It is implied that “they” (either the government or BCTF) know best. Parents are left to pick a side or remain silent.

Are we not all in this together? It is we, the parents, who represent our children, the half-million students in this province – not the BCTF and not the government.

Without a fuller and broader consideration on how to address some of the complex economic, structural and systemic issues facing schools – debated and negotiated equally by the three major stakeholders in this dispute – no amount of negotiation, money or good faith will reach a settlement.

Kim Savage


Surrey North Delta Leader