You do have a choice on May 14

Get informed. In the May 14 election, you do have an alternative to the Liberals and NDP.

The April 9 “B.C. Views” by Tom Fletcher validated the outdated image of the Greens; it also spurred my curiosity about other policies not mentioned in the commentary.

Wow. The hour I spent reading the Green Book 2013 online has completely changed my perception of the B.C. Green party.  Greens are not a bunch of hippies and tree-huggers.  They are a serious political party.  Their policies are practical and resonate strongly with B.C. voters like me.

Obviously, Mr. Fletcher concluded otherwise.  You be the judge.

Examples on “Reforming Government:”

• Allow Green MLAs to vote freely in the legislature to truly represent the will of their constituents.

• Implement a $2,000 annual political donation limit to take away influence from big-money unions and corporations.

Examples on “Economy:”

• Create thousands of new jobs by transforming B.C. to a new economy through investing in new infrastructure, green technology, retrofits of houses and buildings, advanced education, clean industries and technologies, sustainable forestry, fisheries and agriculture, ecotourism, and value-added manufacturing.

• Maintain a business climate to allow small businesses to be started and prosper.

• Create vibrant and sustainable arts and culture communities throughout B.C.

• Return to balanced budgets, end corporate welfare, eliminate subsidies to polluting industries, and develop fair taxation policies.

Examples on “Transportation:”

• Encourage walkable neighbourhoods; consider light rail and trams for major urban centres.

• Adopt road pricing and pay-as-you-drive insurance.

Examples on “Health Care:”

• Promote healthy living, preventive care; integrate community, home, and primary care services for seniors.

• Reform the governance of provincially funded health services to create more effective and responsive provincial health services.

They have many practical policies covering other areas as well. I encourage readers to check out the Green Book 2013 firsthand.

Get informed  In the May 14 election, you do have a choice other than the Liberals and NDP.


Jannie Kwan, Surrey

Surrey North Delta Leader