Learning to celebrate you

Deb Rondeau shares tips on how you can learn to appreciate yourself.

By Deb Rondeau

This is not the subject I intended to write about next, but I remembered something this morning and it is so vitally important I have to share it right now!

I used to believe that feeling pride in my achievements would make people think I was conceited or selfish so I would downplay my successes. “Oh, it’s really nothing; Anyone could do that; It’s no big deal.” Being liked by others was very important to me.

I wonder if you have ever done that?  Are you still doing that?

What I have come to understand is that the people that genuinely matter in your life will want to share in your every success, no matter how small. And the other people … well, they don’t matter.

Stop holding back! Let your face glow with the pride you are feeling! Happiness is infectious! Why not spread some right now?!

By signing up for the Kin’s Green Fighters Challenge, you have shown that you are ready to “come back to health”. I am very proud of you! I hope you are proud of you too!

Remember – you are special and you deserve to be celebrated!

Surrey North Delta Leader