Oranges tell you something about yourself

How you peel your orange says something about who you are.

How you eat an orange can say something about your personality.

How you eat an orange can say something about your personality.

I bet you have never taken this personality test before! How you peel your orange can tell a lot about who you are. To find out if you are a biter, slicer, peeler, stripper, or plunger, just grab an orange and peel it.


You are a biter if you bite the orange skin open and eat the core from its skin. If you are a biter, you are impulsive and extroverted. You are a social butterfly, who loves mingling and being in social settings. You are spontaneous, fun and do not pay attention to gossip and criticism.


You are a slicer if you carefully cut the orange into sections and eat the core from the peel. You are typically an introvert who is extremely intelligent. You are very direct, but always in a cautious and calculated manner. You are often shy and can be insensitive in some circumstances.


You are a peeler if you peel the skin with your nails in a spiral manner to eat the flesh. You are a conformist, who can always look at the rational side of things. You are self-determined and dependable. You can work well on your own without supervision, but can always be a great contributor to a team environment.


You are a stripper if you like to slice the orange skin with a knife and fold it back like a flower to reveal the flesh. You are a meticulous, determined and reflective person. You love challenges and you always use a systematic approach to solve problems.


You are a plunger if you open the orange with both thumbs, ripping the skin apart to get to the core. You are an outgoing, carefree, and spontaneous individual. You have a great self-esteem and barely ever second-guess your own actions. You get along well with the opposite sex and have little concern about what others think about you.

Now that you have taken the orange peel personality test yourself, ask your friends and family to eat an orange and keep your eyes “peeled” for the results.

Surrey North Delta Leader