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B.C. wildlife shelter seeks supplies, food to help with baby season

Critter Care could use some extra products to care for baby wildlife

The local wildlife rehabilitation shelter could use a helping hand with the increase of baby animals coming in for care this time of year. 

It is baby season, so it's all hands on deck at Critter Care Wildlife Sanctuary in Langley, and supplies will run out fast, says senior wildlife supervisor Jenna Kuncewicz. 

In the winter, Critter Care sees about 20 or less animals needing care, but as of June they have up to 200 in care. 

"You can see how much the numbers increase as the seasons change," Kuncewicz commented. 

One such critter is Aspen, a rescued one-month-old beaver who was washed down some rapids. Staff couldn't locate her parents or dam. 

Baby beavers typically stay with their mom until they are one and a half or two years old. Aspen will have to stay at Critter Care until then, during which time she will be taught all she needs to know to survive and be a beaver until her date of release. 

Kuncewicz notes that there are a lot of incorrect feeding methods, and said it's important to call a local wildlife rehabilitation centre to ensure the animal's situation is assessed correctly and helped in the safest way. 

Some things Aspen in particular needs are branches like birch, juniper, cottonwood, and maple, among others, and plants like cattails, ragweed, clover, and dandelion. 

"The birthing season for most mammals is exclusively during the spring and summer months, so our intake of baby animals – added to the adults we usually get – makes for a very busy season," Kuncewicz said.

Around the clock, baby critters require feeding and cleaning, she said, plus medication if they are ill. 

"It's a full-time job caring for baby wildlife, especially when you have multiple groups of different species to care for."

Items the shelter desperately need right now are: 

- Poultry, like chicken, duck, or quail

- Eggs

- Assorted unsalted nuts 

- Powdered Esbilac and powdered KMR

- Tissue paper

- Toilet paper

- Latex gloves

- Paper towels

- Bleach

- Laundry soap 

- Large garbage bags and yard waste bags

- Baby receiving blankets

- Flannel sheets and/or fabric 

A full list of items needed is available on their website

Critter Care is open year-round, seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. People can drop off donations at the table by the gate, or drive into the centre to deliver to a staff member. 

The shelter is located at 481 216 St. 










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