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Neighbours rally after a Grinch calls B.C. display a ‘Christmas abortion’

Sooke’s Cheryl Dinse was sent an angry letter about her Christmas lights display

The holiday season is a time for sleigh bells, presents, Santa, hot chocolate, Christmas lights – and angry letters.

Cheryl Dinse, who lives in Sooke, decided to decorate her house with an elaborate display, but found herself on the receiving end of a letter that even the Grinch himself would think, “That’s too much.”

The letter starts by asking Dinse to give the neighbourhood a break and that less is more, which is ironic given the letter’s content.

It quickly tells Dinse that the house is the joke of the neighbourhood and that it looks like “Santa’s whorehouse” or a “Christmas abortion,” which probably wins the award for being one of the faster ways to get on the naughty list.

The letter signs off by asking Dinse “to tone it down a bit.”

On a Facebook group called Meanwhile in Sooke, the letter was met with disdain and some humour, with one Facebook user, Tim Ayres, offering to start a GoFundMe page to get some more lights for Dinse.

“You are a horrible, rude, ignorant bully,” posted Marlene Norbury.

“Your house looks amazing,” wrote one person.

“The Grinch that wrote the letter should go and ask the kids what they think of her house,” wrote another.

Other people said this would motivate them to come by even more.

Other group members encouraged Dinse to play Christmas carols loudly every day until the 25th to teach this Grinch a lesson.

The letter did not deter Dinse at all. She thanked the community for the condolences and said she would have to make an even bigger display for next year.

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