Baldrey’s column on oil shows he is jaded

Surrey – The Editor, Re: “Lost in all the oil rhetoric is realism,” the Now, Dec. 2. I enjoy the Now thoroughly, including Keith’s column. However, I take umbrage regarding his column on oil. It is not for him to assume that any of the protestors up on Burnaby mountain are in any way associated with B.C. Investment Management Corporation or CUPE. He also states “oil is here to stay, until there is no more of it.”

I suggest you visit the Globe and Mail, online and find the articles headlined “Green energy sector jobs surpass total oil sands employment” and, “All Canadians will feel the pain if pipeline opportunities are missed,” by Jim Prentice. This is the premier of the province that has everything to lose should his dream not be fulfilled.

However, none of the downside is mentioned, such as spills, more tankers, untold disruptive damage to sea life in both Howe Sound and the Salish Sea.

I would dare to suggest Keith has been in the business far too long and maybe by rubbing shoulders daily with the likes of Christy Clark and Rich Coleman, he has become – or is becoming – jaded.

Or maybe he is just taking himself too seriously.

Fran Manary, Surrey