Canada Post forges ahead as mail thieves lick their lips

If it isn’t broken, Canada Post will try to fix it, but won’t.

Despite continued thefts from community mailboxes and the expressed concerns of mayors, Members of Parliament and – oh yeah – thousands of regular Canadians, the lumbering anachronism that is Canada Post forges ahead with its extremely unpopular plan to eliminate delivery-to-your-door mail service in favour of proven-to-be-unreliable community mailboxes.

You’d think a corporation struggling to remain relevant would want to provide its customers with the best and most convenient service possible – think personal delivery – rather than provide mail thieves with one-stop communal targets.

Notably, on the same day Canada Post announced that some 4,900 residents of Delta’s V4K postal code drew the short straw and will by next fall be the first in the Lower Mainland to see their mail no longer delivered to their door, two community mailboxes were stolen in Surrey.

It’s also notable that these two boxes were of the new-and-improved kind recently trotted out by Canada Post as its answer to the theft problem.

In these two cases, the thieves apparently couldn’t defeat the locks on site so they simply carted off the entire kit-and-caboodle elsewhere, to tackle the job at their convenience.

Canada Post has also said no jobs will be lost as a result of this transition to community mailboxes, and that’s a good thing, but what will the workers new duties be? Maybe to stand guard at the community boxes?

Canada Post also appears to have given little thought to the elderly and disabled, who will have difficulty getting out to these community mailboxes let alone run the risk of encountering a thief once they reach the box.