Farms on the Port Mann: Imaginative LEGO scenes at museum

CLOVERDALE – Close to a million little plastic bricks were used to construct the latest exhibit at Surrey Museum.


Depictions of the region’s past, present and future are detailed in "LEGO: A Fraser Valley Odyssey," which opened June 2 and continues all summer until Sept. 19.


It took 30 members of Vancouver LEGO Club close to a thousand hours to complete the four vignettes, which include plenty of "Easter eggs" – little puns and jokes that reveal a keen sense of humour among those who built it all.


In the imaginative scene depicting July 2055, for example, radical climate change has forced the LEGO people of Surrey to farm on a gated Port Mann Bridge while others use guns to protect oiler tankers, "Mad Max" style.


By the year 2383, our LEGO worl involves one last large tree standing near Guildford’s famous flag, now equipped with a massive satellite dish, and an airborne grandstand of people watching a jet-bike sporting event of some kind.


Meanwhile, the now-gone Clova is showing "The LEGO Movie," of course.


Check it out at Surrey Museum, 17710 56A Ave., Surrey.