Get tough on drivers

Surrey – The Editor, The dangers of distracted driving are so high, and the penalties are so feeble, that it would be a joke if the consequences weren’t so grave (no pun intended).

Penalties for distracted driving should be:. Confiscation of the distracting device for one month (doubling with each successive offence; thus two months, four, eight, etc.);. A fine commensurate with the value of the vehicle (say, 10 per cent), because for many drivers, a flat-rate $167 fine is the cost of lunch, and is barely noticed.

. If an accident results from the distracted driving, a jail sentence of one month to life in prison, depending on the severity of injuries to other parties.

All of the above should get, and hold, most drivers’ attention – even more than their phones do.

Jerry Steinberg, Surrey