Groundhog Day kicks off in Newton

SURREY — The Newton Business Improvement Association is bringing an old pioneer tradition to Surrey.

Once thought to determine whether spring was on its way or if winter would be here to stay, each Feb. 2 settlers would watch for groundhogs to pop up.

If the groundhog saw its shadow and nested back into the earth, a few more months of winter would ensue. If the groundhog didn’t cast a shadow, spring would be coming soon.

The event starts at noon on Sunday, Feb. 1 at Newton’s Grove. Lou Jack the Groundhog will pop out to determine the length of winter at the end of it all, followed by a free screening of Groundhog Day (the 1993 flick starring Bill Murray) at the Hollywood 3 Cinemas at 2 p.m.

This is the first event for the new BIA.