LETTER: Conservatives will rule B.C.

Surrey – The Editor, Re: "Party leaders target B.C. in big way," Aug. 26.

Keith Baldrey is probably quite right in predicting 28 of 42 seats for the BC Conservatives in the next federal election.

The federal NDP is not likely to get much help from the BC NDP, since it is still smarting from the beating it took in the last B.C. election. The B.C. Liberal Party is not connected to the federal Liberal party, and splits its vote federally.

The petroleum provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan are likely to protect their interests by voting Conservative. Manitoba, Ontario and the Atlantic provinces could go anywhere.

I believe the NDP seats held by Thomas Mulcair will go to Liberal leader Justine Trudeau in Quebec, making Trudeau leader of the opposition and the NDP back to its tradition of a third-or fourth-rate party.

The Conservative party consists of a majority of mature voters who turn up at the polls. They aren’t going anywhere!

Fred Perry,