LETTER: Don’t vote ‘no’ just to punish TransLink

The Editor,

Re: "Not all can afford to vote ‘yes’ to tax," the Now editorial, Jan. 20.

"You can’t get there from here" will be a common cry from underserved commuters in Langley if the upcoming referendum fails.

My family found that having two cars is a financial burden. I work in Cloverdale, so I decided that riding the bus would be an affordable alternative. The people I see on the bus need reliable transit to get to work.

It would be difficult for most small businesses to rely on a workforce that could not afford to get to work. Underfunding public transit would be a devastating blow for the "little guy."

Elderly and disabled people have been devastated by a HandyDART funding freeze. Without adequate funding, HandyDART riders will be robbed of their quality of life. My 91-and 92-year-old mother and father who rely on HandyDART, would be devastated by a further erosion of HandyDART.

If people vote "no," they may be expressing their anger at TransLink mismanagement. Anger should be expressed at those truly responsible for debacles past and present.

The provincial government dumped the responsibility of building megabridges on TransLink. The provincial government created a sham of governance by removing mayors and appointing corporate shills to the TransLink board. TransLink’s strings are controlled by a cruel puppet master.

A vote in favour of transit funding is a vote to give dignity to working people, a growing aging population and disabled people. The real vote against ineptitude is a vote against the Liberal government in the next election.

Mark Beeching