LETTER: Shooting death at Surrey Safeway did not need to happen

The Editor,

I feel compelled to write regarding the incident at Safeway in which a young man lost his life.

The incident must have been terrifying for all concerned. I’m not sure what I would have done had I been involved, but I like to think I would have done things a bit differently.

This young man was obviously in a psychotic state, causing injury to himself with a knife. But, let’s be realistic. The young man had a knife and the Transit Police had guns. Why was this young man not hit with a Taser? Do Transit Police not carry them? If not, why not?

If officers felt using their guns was the only solution, why not aim for his thigh or some other body part?

This young man was mentally ill and he died because of it. I hope his death brings about a review on how the mentally ill are treated by all of us. No one chooses to be mentally ill.

This young man did not deserve to die.

Philippa Powers, Surrey