LETTER: Why I will vote ‘no’ to transit tax

SURREY — The Editor, Re: "Four keys to a ‘Yes’ side victory," the Now, Jan. 27.

I will be voting "no" in the upcoming transit plebiscite.Building light rail to Guildford and Newton is ridiculous. There are already plenty of buses going to these two locations.

I think any transit additions should be built above grade. An at-grade LRT system will only create even more congestion.

I also think it is wrong for mayors Gregor Robertson and Linda Hepner to be paid $50,000 extra a year for chairing the TransLink board. They are already getting paid a decent salary. To me, they are simply double dipping.

It seems like TransLink is a money tree and all the politicians are only interested in how much money they can pluck for themselves.

Garry Pederson, Surrey