LETTERS: Landslides big concern

LETTERS: Landslides big concern

The Editor,

Re "Baldwin says landslides suggest accident inevitable," the Now, Feb. 12.

Gus Melonas of the BNSF brushes off the community’s concerns regarding landslides along our bluff as though they were dandruff on his shoulder. Of course – he does not live here. I try not to dwell on the knowledge of what BNSF is shipping through here (mostly when it’s dark) as our only option is to move – and why should we? Residents’ wellbeing should override big business interests.

When there is a landslide or fear of a landslide along our bluff, the Amtrak (for 48 hours) has to discharge their passengers and bus them into Vancouver. Why then are BNSF freight trains allowed to go through as soon as the landslide is cleared away while the alert is still on? BNSF ships toxic chemicals along our rails with one of the worst being chlorine.

We are seeing on the news regular occurrences of derailments of oil catching fire – yes, oil comes through here too.

Melonas says there are "little" landslides. I have taken photos of landslides that happen along our bluff that suggest otherwise.

Patricia Kealy,

White Rock