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Mom's car hit with stray bullets

NORTH DELTA - Police in North Delta are investigating a "bizarre" incident that happened early Sunday morning they say is a "random driveby" shooting that left four empty vehicles hit by up to 15 bullets.


Police responded shortly before 1 a.m. Sunday near Wade Road and 120th Street after residents reported hearing shots fired. Officers arrived to find the area deserted, but found four parked cars pierced with what looked like handgun bullets, said Delta Police Sgt. Darren Dunn.


Delta resident Jessica Holloway was visiting friends in the area at the time of the incident and her car was one of the four hit with bullets.


"When we heard the first set of gunshots they were in the distance, but sounded near where I was parked," Holloway told the Now. Then, seconds later, she says she heard another five or six rounds go off.


Holloway said one of the bullets went through her back passenger door, and she found it in her son's baby blanket next to his car seat.


To make matters even more frightening, Holloway said if it wasn't for a friend convincing her to stay for one more cigarette before leaving for the night, she could have been in her vehicle at the time it was hit.


Investigators don't believe the shooting is related to the high-speed chase and shootout that took place in Surrey roughly 12 hours earlier. No one appears to have been injured.


Amy Reid, with files from the Vancouver Sun