National nod for manager of McDonald’s in South Surrey

National nod for manager of McDonald's in South Surrey

SOUTH SURREY – Working a job at a McDonald’s restaurant for 18 years would be a burden on most people. However, for Sheila Munoz, the head manager of the King George and 32nd Avenue location, it has been nothing short of a great career.

Munoz won the 2014 Outstanding Manager of the Year from McDonald’s Canada.

The award is given to someone who makes significant improvements to their restaurant in terms of customer satisfaction, sales and other quality-based categories.

She started working with the company when she was 14 years old and has held jobs in retail stores and offices, but she decided to stay under the golden arches.

"It’s been great. McDonald’s is a great place to work," Munoz said. "I was able to build a career."

Even though she has been at the South Surrey location for less than a year, Munoz still managed to win the award.

She said that managing the restaurant has taught her things about business, marketing and job training.

She also said that working at McDonald’s is better than any job she’s had so far because every day is different.

"When I was in high school, I had some part-time jobs here and there. I worked retail, which didn’t really suit me. I also worked in an office. A nine-to-five job in administration and it was something I didn’t really like. McDonald’s is very dynamic," Munoz added.