OUR VIEW: No mercy for Colin Hill’s killer

OUR VIEW: No mercy for Colin Hill's killer

Can there be any greater affront to civilized society than to break into a man’s castle in the dead of night and take his life in the presence of his family?

Surrey lost one of its residents, 42-year-old Colin Hill of Cloverdale, to such a crime this past Sunday. He was a husband and a father to two children.

If the man police arrested this week for Hill’s murder is indeed guilty, and if as police say he tried to break into an apartment in Burnaby a couple of hours after Hill was killed – clearly indicating he is bereft of remorse for this sick crime – 25 years in prison will not be good enough for this guy.

Hopefully the judge assigned to this case will not only throw the book at him but the entire library, regardless of what sad life his defence lawyer will undoubtedly tell the court his client has thus far led.

The creep who killed Mr. Hill didn’t just cross a line. He leapt over it.

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