OUR VIEW: Surrey's flag policy makes sense but a $200K flagpole? Come on.

OUR VIEW: Surrey’s flag policy makes sense but a $200K flagpole? Come on.

The City of Surrey is wrapping itself around its flag policy and refusing to fly the pride colours at city hall. You see, there’s a flag protocol at city hall – only federal, provincial or city flags are permitted to fly under this policy.

The city considered bypassing protocol but decided against it Monday night, much to the chagrin of Surrey activist Martin Rooney, who first shared his frustration with the Now last week.

We’re OK with the city’s decision.

After all, if you start flying one flag to commemorate one group’s special day, you’re going to have to fly flags for all – and God help you if you forget a certain group.

Surrey says it would be willing to fly these kinds of flags – as other municipalities do – if it gets an extra flagpole and Mayor Dianne Watts says the community should help raise funds for it.

But get this.

She says an extra flagpole would cost the city $200,000.

Say again? Did she say $200,000? What would it be made of, sterling silver?

If a solitary flagpole costs $200,000, our new fancy city hall must have been a steal of a deal at $150 million.

It’s no wonder our schools have no money – the district must spend a fortune on those costly flagpoles.

All kidding aside, we don’t see the need to fly flags at city hall for every single group’s special occasion throughout the year.

But we also think we could get a better deal on a flagpole.

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