Phone law’s cash grab

Surrey – The Editor, Well, I’m stopped at a prolonged red light at a major intersection. I’m not texting, or talking on my phone but looking at a website on my phone for a few seconds.

A cop sees me, tells me he could see that I was not texting or talking on the phone, I show him the website I was looking at, he still gives me a ticket for “Use of electronic device while driving”, $167. He says if I was actually moving while holding the phone, he would’ve also given me three penalty points. I agree, If I’m driving and texting, throw the book at me. Stopped at a lengthy red light? Ridiculous.

Without the quick actions taken by that cop, a major catastrophe would have most certainly ensued.

Just another cash grab by ICBC/the government. How else are they going to fund their all-expenses, taxpayer-paid trips for themselves and their spouses?

John Benes