Police corral llama on lam

SURREY – A Surrey llama enjoyed its 15 minutes of fame Wednesday afternoon after it escaped from a farm and had a bit of an adventure near 168th Street and 92A Avenue.

“Everybody was calling us,” Surrey RCMP Cpl. Bert Paquet said.

Police helped get it back home. “It was on a roadway for a while, and that’s usually why we care,” Paquet said. “It’s still alive, back in its pen. Police were able to run Bessie the llama back into its field, where it is being kept in custody pending further investigation.”

At the same time Bessie was on the lam, Paquet said, a cow was also on the loose at 88th Avenue and 168th Street. He said a fellow Mountie tried to herd it off the road with his car.

“The angry cow proceeded to kick the police vehicle and left a small hoof-sized dent in the front passenger door,” Paquet said. “Forensics have been able to link the suspect’s hoof to the damages, however, the cow ran off into the forest and police lost visual contact.”