Roses And Rotten Tomatoes (Feb. 5, 2015)

Roses and Rotten Tomatoes


. Roses to all of the neighbours who were observant and stopped and watched as a van pulled up to my kids as they were walking home from school in Cloverdale last week. It happened to be their dad but it was a good lesson for my kids that if something bad did happen, good people are looking out for them.

. A beautiful ribbon tied bunch of roses from the community to a wonderful woman I met while walking through The Meadows. Her selfless act of gardening to beautify her complex was uplifting to behold.

. A huge bouquet of roses to the kind lady who helped me Saturday at Shoppers on King George Boulevard in Newton. With my breathing difficulties, she saw that I was struggling and offered to help me bring and pack my groceries to the car. Thank you!

. Roses for those who helped me at Rona in Fleetwood after my fall at the entrance. I was only down for a few seconds when a young male employee helped me up. Soon, more staff were around me. I was bleeding below the elbow. They quickly got me a chair and administered first aid, even offering to help me shop. I was truly amazed about how nice the staff was and how caring they were. Steve even phoned me the next day to ask how I was. Thank you so very much!

. Roses to all the people using social media who use it to spread positive messages, not just to gripe about this and moan about that. Also, roses to those of you who may be going through some tough times in life but refrain from posting about it constantly, seeking attention and sympathy from others online. Keep your chin up!

. Roses to Sharpe. Hope your surgery went well. Hope to see you soon!

Roses and Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes:

. Rotten tomatoes to the person who stole our white and grey ragdoll cat from 102 Avenue and 140 Street in Surrey. All would be forgiven if you gave him back – might even give you a reward for coming forward. I’ve watched my mom go from a vibrant senior to a little old broken-hearted lady. Please do the right thing for both my mom and our cat’s sake.

. Rotten tomatoes the old women who told me to stop texting in the Fleetwood Village parking lot while I was walking home. What do you care? Worry about yourself and mind your own business.

. Slapshots of rotten tomatoes against the coach house complaining about the kids playing hockey in the alley. They are kids – they play. You should have moved into a basement suite instead.

. A garbage bag full of rotten tomatoes go out to the Seahawks for losing the Super Bowl – you had the game and you lost it! You are a disgrace to us fans and the NFL!

. Rotten tomatoes to the annoying drunk guy at the Langley pub who wouldn’t shut up when I was trying to watch the Super Bowl with my friend. Have you no respect? You’re not the only one at the pub – if you want to scream and act like an idiot take it outside!

. Rotten tomatoes to the City of Surrey for not using more cameras to watch high-crime areas. These cameras are very small, easily hidden and fairly cheap if lost. But the video or pictures are worth 1,000 words. I think there should be cameras in all public parks where illegal dumping is taking place all the time. And not to mention drug dealing. I hope our new mayor is in tune with crime reduction and not just hot air.

. Rotten tomatoes to the drivers who don’t make a simple gesture when someone lets them in. Would a quick wave kill ya?