Roses and Rotten Tomatoes (June 19, 2014)


  • Huge roses and a big thank you to the volunteers at Fraser Skies Rally In The Valley. They made around 1,500 Girl Guide youth very happy. The girls had a fantastic day and are looking forward to the event next year.

  • A rose for everyone in the Ladner fire department, paramedics, police, Delta Hospital emergency and Delta hospice for honouring my father in-law’s and his family’s wishes before the proper paper work could be done. You let him go with his wishes and dignity intact, we will be forever grateful.

  • A mini-forest of blue roses to the folks behind "The Grove" cultural project in the trees beside Newton Exchange. The sky-blue Adirondack chairs are a fantastic idea and are being used regularly by many. So far I’ve seen old men in turbans, teenagers, bus drivers and women with shopping bags and energetic children enjoying a relaxing break. Keep up the good work!

  • Roses to all the grandparents out there who are stepping up to help stressed out families this week after greedy teachers let us all down. Too bad grandparents don’t have the sweet massage benefits package the teachers are fighting for. Oh, wait. It’s all about the kids, right teachers? Give us a break.

  • Roses to Downtown Surrey BIA for putting on Surrey Fest Downtown on Saturday. Even though the weather didn’t co-operate, it was still great to see so many smiling, friendly faces in our city core! Thanks!

  • Roses to Gator’s Gym G.U.T.S. program and its excellent trainers like Sergio and Patty for whipping my butt into shape and Roses to the government for not caving into the BCTF’s ridiculous demands. Let them strike into next year – with no pay.

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  • Rotten tomatoes to all the mayors who want to put more tolls and taxes on everything. We are taxed to death already – and what about people who don’t even use those bridges or SkyTrain? What they should do is put out a lottery for these things, like the hospitals do – and lower the toll to $1 per crossing and get the federal government to put up some money to pay for these bridges.

  • Rotten tomatoes to the woman who got mad at my 10-month-old son (who was born four months early and survived numerous surgeries and was near death at birth) and I because he was crying while we passed Green Timbers forest and he disturbed your dog. Shame on you.

  • Great heaping baskets of rancid E. coli hamburgers to the subhuman idiots caught on video clubbing cows with sticks, and using heavy machinery to lift up cows by their heads, at a farm in Chilliwack. The love of decency does not abide in you.

  • Rotten tomatoes to the mother at Surrey Central Station who was smoking beside her daughter, who was in a stroller. Kids should not be exposed to second-hand smoke, especially not from their parents.

  • Rotten tomatoes of the rudest kind to all employees at the produce stores who constantly yap to each other in some foreign language. If you live in B.C. and have English-speaking customers, you had better learn to speak English when we’re in your store. It is impolite and disrespectful to ignore the fact that we speak English here and so should you!

  • Rotten tomatoes to the cook in the Chinese smorgasbord in White Rock who came out and screamed at me because I peeled the batter off the shrimp and didn’t eat it. It’s not like I was only eating shrimp or even eating all the shrimp – and it was an all you can eat.

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