Roses and Rotten Tomatoes (June 25, 2015)


• A bunch of roses to the man who came after me at the self-checkout at the supermarket. He found the $40 cash I’d asked the machine to give me back, which I then stupidly forgot to take. He found it and turned it in to customer service. When I realized what I’d done and came back for it 20 minutes later, it was there, with his name and phone number so I could call him to let him know I’d gotten it. Beyond the $40, it’s also wonderful to see that our belief in people’s goodness of heart is actually valid. Thank you again, Darrel!

• A great big bunch of roses and thanks to the City of Surrey worker who stopped to listen to me on the afternoon of June 17 and clearly took my request to his boss like he said he would. It was to get some much needed ‘No Parking’ signs on Rosemary Heights Drive where it meets Rosemary Heights Crescent. The neighborhood greatly appreciates your dedication to your job. Now if we could only get those long overdue neighbourhood calming bumps on Rosemary Heights Crescent to slow the traffic. Thanks from the RHC.

• Roses go out to all the wonderful people who drive Mustangs. You are the coolest people ever. Keep the popularity of Mustang alive forever!

• Buckets of beautiful roses to the wonderful lady who found my cash in the Safeway parking lot at 64th and handed it in to customer service. You gave a great boost to my belief in my neighbours.

•  Roses to those who supported the newly renamed Sources Community Resources Foundation (Sources Foundation), formerly Peace Arch Community Services (PACS) Foundation, as a new name, logo, board of directors and website were established. The fundraising efforts and donations from community-minded people, including businesses, are important to keep the Sources Resource Centres operating.


• Rotten tomatoes to the person complaining about barking dogs in their neighbourhood. I have two dogs and they only bark when alerted. We have crime in our area too (Newton) – from graffiti to drug deals in front of our house. So, if my dog barks, there is a reason.

• Rotten tomatoes to East Clayton neighbours who do not realize our homes are so close to each other. To those of you who let your kids outside to bounce a basketball and scream before 7:30 a.m., you are inconsiderate. I am going to go scream outside your kids’ windows at 8:15 p.m. and see if you like that. And the guy who runs his 1970s car (which spews exhaust like a steam stack) for 20 minutes before he drives it -come on! Everyone’s windows are open!

• Rotten tomatoes to all the irresponsible drivers who speed through Mackie Park and Sands Secondary. It’s a park – so the speed limit is 30-km/h dawn to dusk. Maybe re-read your drivers manual. Also rotten tomatoes to the enforcement of speed in the area… or lack thereof.

• Thanks to the brilliant City of Surrey for cutting down drought tolerant trees on the corner of 16th Avenue and King George Boulevard, replanting with cedars only to let them die from thirst. Now a second grouping has been planted. They, too, look very dry and are turning red. What a waste! Who runs the department in charge of this fiasco?

• Rotten tomatoes to a neighbour on Sussex Crescent in Delta who has created a rental suite in his house in a single-family residential neighbourhood. He and his tenants park their vehicles in front of everyone else’s house except his own. Thank you for lowering the value of our home and creating a parking lot on the street. You should be providing parking space on your property for your tenants. We all bought here as it is zoned for single-family residences and a quiet street in Sunshine Hills. As they say, there goes the neighbourhood.