Surrey entrepreneur part of winning startup concept

A young Surrey entrepreneur and his team are on track to making an international name for themselves after coming up with a unique concept for a startup company.

Denny Hollick is one of a team of five currently taking part in the global Startup Battle, an international competition that pits startups against one another for a chance at bringing their ideas to life.

The team, ConceptKicker, recently won the google-sponsored Vancouver Startup Weekend, which saw several groups come up with business models and ideas within a 54-hour time period.

"Our team actually wasn’t even one of the top 15 ideas but we went with it anyways and ended up coming first," recalled Hollick, son of Now publisher gary Hollick.

The ConceptKicker idea is simple – they provide a platform for artists to sell 3D models of their art to fans that may otherwise have no way of owning a piece.

Likewise, it provides artists the ability to get their work out to new audiences at an affordable price.

To do this, artists can begin a ConceptKicker campaign offering 3D-printed models of their work and if a certain number of buyers are committed, that work of art is then printed and shipped out. The idea is similar to other crowdfunding methods like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. as for the method, Hollick said the team is working with a 3D-printing company that uses both powder-based or filament 3D printing.

To vote for the ConceptKicker team, go to The first phase of the contest consists of a mix of online voting and judging, after which finalists are chosen. Online voting ends Dec. 3.