Map shows the boundaries of the Fleetwood-Port Kells riding. (Photo: Elections Canada)

Map shows the boundaries of the Fleetwood-Port Kells riding. (Photo: Elections Canada)

Federal election

FLEETWOOD-PORT KELLS: Meet your candidates for the Oct. 21 election

The Fleetwood-Port Kells riding contains Fleetwood, Clayton, Fraser Heights, Port Kells and East Newton

In the days leading up to the Oct. 21 federal election, we are profiling each of Surrey’s five ridings. Watch our Federal Election section in the next week or so for the remaining three. Click here to read the first.

With Canada’s last federal election, in October 2015, came some big changes for Surrey’s ridings.

The Fleetwood-Port Kells riding was formed in 2003 and was held by Conservative MP Nina Grewal until Liberal Ken Hardie defeated her in 2015.

It contains Fleetwood, Clayton, Fraser Heights, Port Kells and East Newton, as well as Barnston Island.

In the Oct. 21 federal election, five candidates are running in the riding. Hardie is seeking re-election here, challenged by Shinder Purewal (Conservative), Annie Ohana (NDP), Tanya Baertl (Green), and Mike Poulin of the People’s Party of Canada.

The Now-Leader asked all candidates to answer the following question: Why do you need to be elected or re-elected?

Listed in alphabetical order, here’s what the candidates said verbatim:

Tanya Baertl (Green): “Fleetwood-Port Kells residents deserve an elected MP that will place the concerns of the community ahead of party politics. I believe that by listening to constituents and being their strong voice in Ottawa, our environment and community can thrive. Climate, affordability, good jobs, and safety are just a few of the concern’s voters have and I am committed to finding and supporting solutions that make Fleetwood-Port Kells a great place to live and work.

As a mother raising my own family in our community, I believe that it’s essential to create a safe and sustainable future for our children. The climate crisis is one of the greatest threats we face and requires courage and meaningful action. We must also address the housing affordability crisis, opioid and gun problems facing our community.

Voters want politicians that follow through with their promises and will put people before profit. I am running for the Green Party because we need ethical leadership to address the pressing issues our nation and community faces.

I believe that this election, more than ever, we can vote from hope and conviction, not from fear. This election I’m working to earn your vote because I want to represent you in Ottawa.”

Ken Hardie (Liberal, incumbent):

I’ve served on a Liberal government that has invested in Canadians. The Canada Child Benefit, helping thousands of families here at home raise their kids; a tax cut for our middle class; more money for our poorest seniors; more summer jobs for students; infrastructure projects that make our city work better and our nation more productive. $70 billion in programs that protect and restore our environment.

Our payoff? Over 1 million new jobs, record low unemployment and a healthy economy. Nearly a million Canadians lifted out of poverty, including seniors and children.

What’s next? More affordable housing units; curbing speculators and money laundering. Better seniors’ Old Age Security and Survivors’ benefits, continuing a $10 billion program serving our veterans. An even better Canada Child Benefit for families welcoming new little ones.

I acted to secure federal funding for SkyTrain through Fleetwood, and I’ll make sure it’s done the right way, benefiting commuters and our community. My priority is seeing the federal investment in Surrey’s SAFE program truly help families rescue their kids from gangs.

We Liberals have proven we’ll do what the Conservatives won’t do…and the other parties can’t do…to get the results for Canadians they simply can’t get. Smart, progressive programs that work better, delivering benefits exactly to the people who benefit most from them.

You’ll be re-electing one of the top Constituency teams in Canada – one that has brought thousands of families and friends together and has made government work better for thousands more. You can count on us to always be available, accessible; ready to listen and willing to act on anything that matters in Fleetwood – Port Kells.

Annie Ohana (NDP): “Fleetwood Port Kells needs the strongest voice possible in Ottawa with solutions to crisis created by the Liberals and Conservatives who have held office for decades. I deserve to be elected because not only do I stand with a platform which has the most comprehensive solutions to the issues. I have always been a fighter for Canadians , holding politicians accountable while standing up to all injustice.

F-PK has remained stagnant in the past 4 years, while the concerns of our resident have not.

The NDP will demand Ottawa use our tax dollars efficiently and stop burning our money on corporate welfare, and unnecessary fossil fuel subsidies. As an MP, I will push our economy to new heights by investment in green technology that builds renewable energy infrastructure, that is sustainable and job creating. I will take climate change seriously because the hypocritical idea of ‘pollution for a clean world’ presented by Liberals and Conservatives makes no sense. You don’t add gas to a burning house. Our water, our air, our land are human rights.

The NDP will bring down living expenses across the board through innovation to our housing & affordability crisis, ending the gouging of Canadians by cell companies, and the creation of universal Pharma Care that will bring down drug costs and protect our system from privatization. From implementing UNDRIP to fighting against policies like Bill 21, diversity and inclusion will be defended.

My track record is clear, I am an award winning educator/ activist who transforms words into actions. Fleetwood Port Kells deserves someone who is on their side. Elect me as a fighter in Ottawa.”

Mike Poulin (People’s Party of Canada): “Mike Poulin brings strong leadership skills to his candidacy for Fleetwood/Port Kells. He is a value-based leadership consultant who has worked with governments, military, police, educators and business leaders throughout the world. It is a crucial time for the future of Canada and we need strong leaders. This is the reason Mike has decided to join the People’s Party of Canada and run as the party candidate here in Surrey.

The party leader, Maxime Bernier, represents the opinions and perspectives of Canadians who feel that the traditional political parties have ignored them in favour of political posturing and pandering to special interest groups. The PPC stands alone on critical issues and is the only alternative for those who want sanity restored to immigration policy, lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, innovative health care solutions, pipelines built, the end of supply management and intra-provincial trade barriers. The party values are based on Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Fairness and Respect.

The party’s commitment is to balance the budget in two years; a plan to reduce national debt and not just a campaign promise. We will stop the GST, get rid of the carbon tax, stop sending our tax dollars all over the world, and stop giving money to corporations and special interest groups. By balancing the budget we won’t be passing our “out of control spending and debt” onto our children and grandchildren. The PPC is the only party committed to protecting freedom of expression and respecting the Canadian way of life.”

Shinder Purewal (Conservative): “After the death of my father when I was only one month old, my mother had to raise four children on a four-acre farm in a small village. She had to make hard choices everyday to put food on the table for our family. Just like our family, many Canadians are under pressure and worried about their future. Their dreams are getting further out of reach. They are looking for help. Trudeau has proven that he cannot be trusted to deliver it. If Trudeau is re-elected and given four more years, his endless deficits will force him to raise taxes even higher. Trudeau said he would help the middle-class. Instead, he raised taxes on 80% of middle-class Canadians and brought in a carbon tax that makes everyday essentials more expensive.

Gasoline. Groceries. Home heating. Debt. Everything keeps getting more expensive. Hardworking Canadians deserve a government that will work just as hard for them. If you work hard, you should be able to buy a home, save for retirement, and care for your children and your parents as they age. A new Conservative government will work tirelessly to put more money in the pockets of Canadians so they can get ahead, not just get by.

An Andrew Scheer-led Conservative government will take the GST off home heating and home energy costs, make maternity benefits tax-free, and provide a Universal Tax Cut to all hardworking taxpayers. The Conservative plan is a plan that will mean real results for Canadian families. I’m running to champion the residents of Fleetwood – Port Kells so they can get ahead, not just get by.”

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