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Vancouver's 'Nobody Likes Me' named world's 2nd most popular street art

The Stanley Park graffiti piece by iHeart was the 2nd most-searched work on website, behind another hit Banksy painting.
Vancouver's 'Nobody Likes Me' mural – designed and painted by Canadian artist 'I Heart' – is one of the world's most popular pieces of street art for 2014.

A piece of Vancouver street art was the second-most popular work of graffiti in the world for 2014, according to website

The well-known painting 'Nobody Likes Me' by Canadian artist 'iHeart' was the site's second most-searched piece of last year, coming just behind a surveillance bit by world-famous English artist Banksy.

The site ranks the most popular works in the world every month, and 'Nobody Likes Me' took the top spot for February, 2014. It also went viral in March, reports VanCity Buzz, after Banksy promoted iHeart's work on his own personal Facebook page.

The graffiti, a statement on social media you can see in a large view below, is located in Stanley Park. iHeart gave an interview with the Huffington Post B.C.'s Sunny Lenarduzzi in March:

"I see people walking down streets barely glancing up from their devices. Digitally we're hyper-connected and yet so disconnected from each other," the artist said, with Lenarduzzi noting he was male.

"There's almost too much irony that happened with this piece. Posting it on Instagram, Facebook, my website, and Twitter, then it going viral. Basically the idea behind the piece completely backfired."

Photo below of 'Nobody Likes Me' from

iHEart - Vancouver street art - Nobody Likes Me