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A cruise event set to sail you into the future

Surrey’s premier travel agency celebrates wave season with exclusive event
Celebrity Cruises will have its first ‘Sale Like a Celebrity’ session at 1 p.m. Jan. 24 and a second session at 7 p.m. Photo courtesy of Expedia Cruises.

As the travel industry experiences a significant resurgence, Expedia Cruises in Fleetwood is making waves with its upcoming event on Jan. 24. Cheri Andrichuk, the Franchise Partner of Expedia Cruises serving the Northwest Surrey region, shares insights about their ‘Sale Like a Celebrity’ event, which plays an integral part in the annual wave season.

‘Wave season,’ Andrichuk explains, is the industry term for the period of time between January and March that’s often considered the best time to book cruises due to the array of deals and offers available.

Their upcoming ‘Sale Like a Celebrity’ event will be hosted at the Northview Golf and Country Club and is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of what modern luxury cruising has to offer!

“We want to offer people a real feel of what life on a Celebrity cruise is like,” Andrichuk says. “This event is designed to provide attendees with that opportunity in a really unique way.”

The event will feature one of Celebrity Cruise’s Sales Manager Chad Kowalenko, who will share further insight on what guests can look forward to with Celebrity Cruises.

‘Wave season’ is the industry term for the period of time between January and March, often considered the best time to book cruises due to the array of deals and offers available. Photo courtesy of Expedia Cruises.

By partnering with Celebrity Cruises, they can offer exclusive amenities and deals to our clients that they won’t find anywhere else, Andrichuk says. The event, which requires RSVPs due to its popularity will have its first session in the afternoon at 1 p.m. and a second session in the evening at 7 p.m. Consultants are well-equipped to address any travel needs, backed by our promise of trustworthy advice and best choices, Andrichuk adds.

“Cruising offers a unique, all-inclusive way to explore multiple destinations, and with the industry booming, we’re already looking at 2026 sailings,” Andrichuk says. “With so many people shifting from ‘bucket list’ to ‘living list’, the allure of cruising is stronger than ever.”

Thankfully for eager travellers, the Fleetwood Expedia Cruises team is well-prepared to cater to this growing demand. Andrichuk brings 30 years of experience, and has taken over 100 cruises. The Expedia Cruises team has also taken a number of cruises. This cumulative knowledge enables the team to offer unparalleled service, from cruise bookings to complete vacation planning, including airfare, accommodations, and insurance.

Working with a consultant can provide the advice and service that travellers desire but cannot get online: “We have the expertise to make travel dreams a reality,” Andrichuk says. This event marks a significant moment for both the agency and its clients, looking to explore the world in luxury and style.

For more information visit the Expedia Cruises website and to RSVP your spot for the ‘Sale Like a Celebrity’ event, click here.