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Campaign brings state-of-the-art surgical care to Surrey

Surrey Hospitals Foundation’s surgery campaign is renovating and outfitting 10 ORs
With $6.5 million raised in its surgery campaign, today Surrey Hospitals Foundation is in the final push of its $10-million campaign to renew the hospital’s ORs, essential for everything from cataract care and corneal replacements, to breast cancer and urology surgeries.

While the pandemic has drawn much of our attention over the past two years, Surrey Memorial Hospital’s surgical teams have continued to provide innovative care and life-saving treatment to area residents. With your support, so much more is on the way.

With $6.5 million raised in its surgery campaign, today Surrey Hospitals Foundation is in the final push of its $10-million campaign to renew the hospital’s ORs. The remaining $3.5 million will help fund some extraordinary equipment purchases that will benefit a large portion of Surrey’s population, notes Jane Adams, president and CEO of Surrey Hospitals Foundation.

Adams points to Surrey’s treatment of potentially debilitating fibroid tumours that can affect 20 per cent of women, and can lead to hysterectomies in their child-bearing years. In the U.S., surgeons with the right equipment can instead remove the fibroids with a much less invasive approach – an incision so small that it heals itself, saving the uterus. With the community’s support, Surrey Memorial Hospital will be one of only two centres in B.C., and a handful in Canada, that can provide the surgery.

Quite simply, “it’s going to help some families continue to be able to have children,” she says.

Another initiative will support cataract care and corneal replacements, a growing area of need as Surrey’s population ages. Funds are also needed to support new, innovative care for prostate and breast cancer patients.

Surrey Memorial has the busiest breast cancer program in the province and it has grown tremendously in the last 10 years,” Adams notes. With growth comes innovation, Surrey’s surgeons are leading the way in pioneering less invasive treatments.

This is just a sampling of the innovative care coming to Surrey through the surgery campaign.

Quality care, here at home.

Surrey Memorial Hospital provides an array of specialty surgical services, from thoracic and gynaecological care to retinal and ophthalmology, urology, orthopaedics and more.

In fact, as the busiest surgical venue in the entire Fraser Health region, 70+ surgeons representing 10 areas of specialty performed 21,240 surgeries in 2019. Of those surgeries, more than 60 per cent were related to cancer and 1,200 were performed on children.

Through the community’s generosity and foresight, four of the operating rooms have already been renovated with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, with work on the remaining six on the way, Adams says.

More than equipment, the surgery campaign recognizes the need to invest in people. If surgeons undertaking life-saving care have the equipment they need, and feel the support of their hospital and community, they’ll not only remain in Surrey, they’ll help attract others. In short, the hospital becomes an appealing destination for other top surgeons – and that only benefits patients and their families, Adams says.

But those goals rely on community.

“We recognize that donors come in all shapes and sizes, and all have the ability to make a difference,” Adams says. From smaller monthly donations to leaving a legacy in their will, “there are so many ways to give and we’re really happy to work with donors to find a gift that works for their budget.”

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