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Castle Sewing: old-fashioned service with a modern edge

Lessons and classes are a great way to get the most out of your machine
A third-generation family business, Castle Sewing was launched in 1942.

Sewing isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days when women sewed all their own and their family’s clothes. Yet sewing is making a comeback in a different direction.

Stephannie Bulman, co-owner of Castle Sewing in Surrey, says that what people sew now is different and so are the machines they are buying. Sewing machines are sleek and high tech. While you can buy a machine for as little as $200 and as much as $15,000, what most people lack is the service and human face that Castle Sewing provides.

“People don’t understand that they can get just as good pricing in an independently owned company as in a big box store and get ‘support’ once they’ve bought the product,” says Stephannie. “A machine is not a toaster – you need someone to assist you with your individual needs with the machine that you purchase. We give individual lessons and classes and all brands of machines are serviced on site at Castle’s.”

“We’re going to give you inspiration and keep you motivated.”

This third-generation family business was launched in 1942 and has been in its Surrey location since 1964. Modern sewers range from hobbyists seeking a creative outlet to people starting home cottage industries to empty nesters.

From quilting to embroidery and home decor

Sewing is easier than ever with digital patterns, such as business logos and personalized embroidery that can be stitched. “You can take a photo with your phone, turn it into a file with software and your machine will stitch it for you,” Stephannie says. “There’s a trend toward people wanting to personalize their clothing and homes.

“We recently gave a workshop on how to make tuffets (footstools) that was a great success and enjoyed by all who participated.”

Stephannie notes that buyers get frustrated when they buy sewing machines they don’t know how to use and so stop using them when something goes wrong. Customers who buy machines at Castle’s receive individual support with any purchase.

“Sewing shouldn’t be a source of frustration. If you are given knowledge you can get long-term enjoyment from your machine and that’s what we want for our clients.”

Stop in and visit Stephannie and her knowledgeable Castle Sewing team. Let them inspire your with the newest in sewing technology and let your creativity loose.