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Cleanest Body Reviews: Hidden Truth Exposed! Will It Work For You?

Cleanest Body is a new supplement that supports healthier digestion, immunity, and weight management. It purportedly comprises eleven herbal ingredients based on an old Mayan cleanse that scrubs and detoxifies your body for better overall health and wellness.

Cleanest Body is a new supplement that supports healthier digestion, immunity, and weight management. It purportedly comprises eleven herbal ingredients based on an old Mayan cleanse that scrubs and detoxifies your body for better overall health and wellness.

Is Cleanest Body the right natural solution to help you restore balance to your health? Read our full review to learn more about Cleanest Body, its potential benefits, and what it can do for you.

What is Cleanest Body?

As mentioned, Cleanest Body is an all-natural full-body toxin flush supplement that supports a healthy weight and better gut health. According to the manufacturer, it was formulated after the discovery of the root cause of bloating, weight gain, and food cravings. It’s not your diet, as many people think (although the diet is a factor).

Instead, the root cause for these issues stems from old pipes and water systems. Years of poor maintenance have created a breeding ground for microorganisms and parasites, which impair your immunity, digestive health, and metabolic function.

Cleanest Body uses a formula of eleven ingredients, all designed to combat this issue. All ingredients are 100% natural, non-GMO, and filled with potent plant compounds that flush out bacteria and toxins from your body.

If you’re feeling sluggish, experiencing unwanted weight gain, or frequently struggling with digestive issues. There’s a good chance your body is filled with parasites, bacteria, and other toxic waste materials. If so, the powerful natural ingredients in the Cleanest Body may be able to help.

How to Use Cleanest Body

The manufacturer of Cleanest Body wanted to produce a simple, easy-to-use supplement to detoxify and cleanse the body. This is why they formulated their product into a liquid tincture, which is easily taken.

To use Cleanest Body, squeeze the end of the dropper until it is filled with the potent formula to the top. Each full dropper should contain roughly 2ml of its’ powerful ingredients.

You can then place the Cleanest Body formula directly into your mouth under your tongue or mix it with your favorite beverage, such as water, fruit juice, or any other drink.

That’s all that is required. Over time, the ingredients will help work to restore healthier digestion, immunity, weight management, and much more.

It is recommended you complete this process once per day or as directed by a health professional. Some users follow this protocol twice daily, but it is up to you and your personal preferences.

Main Benefits of Cleanest Body

When parasites, waste material, and harmful bacteria accumulate in our bodies, they can wreak havoc on virtually every aspect of our health. This is why supplements like Cleanest Body do not offer one or two benefits.

In reality, Cleanest Body can improve virtually every part of your overall health and wellness. However, here are a few of the main benefits to illustrate just how beneficial this supplement can be toward your wellness:

Healthy Weight Management

Studies have found that microorganisms, bacteria, and the buildup of waste all contribute to uncontrollable weight gain. Not only do these parasites cause bloating, but they also slow down your metabolic function, thus causing you to gain weight uncontrollably.

Thankfully, by eliminating these parasites, you can restore proper metabolic function, digestion, and waste removal, which can help you safely lose weight without having to follow a crash diet or insane exercise program.

Better Immune System Function

Believe it or not, the majority of your immune system is found in your gut. Your immune system helps you fight sickness, fight off infections, and helps eliminate parasites from your body.

Several of the ingredients in Cleanest Body are known to help stimulate the immune system by promoting the growth of healthy bacteria. These good bacteria will enable you to better fight sickness and illness, prevent infections, and may even prevent you from getting sick altogether.

Improved Digestive Health

Parasites and bacteria interfere with digestion and cause several conditions like bloating gas, diarrhea, constipation, or IBS. Even worse, you may struggle to go to the bathroom due to the toxic accumulation of parasites and waste material.

The Cleanest Body helps flush out your entire digestive system to eliminate the waste material that could be causing your bloating, constipation, and inability to use the bathroom. Several ingredients also promote the growth of good bacteria in your gut, which help to eliminate bad bacteria and promote healthier, faster digestion.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Parasites cause the buildup of cholesterol and plaque in your arteries, increasing the risk of diseases related to the heart and increased blood pressure levels.

As you continue to use Cleanest Body, your body should naturally work to eliminate the cholesterol and plaque in your arteries, which should improve your circulation, reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and in theory reduce your risk of experiencing a heart attack.

Higher Energy Levels

Studies have found that the buildup of parasites, bacteria, and other microorganisms in your body causes low energy levels and sluggishness. This is because these organisms interfere with digestion and nutrient absorption, preventing your body from having the essential nutrients it needs to function properly.

Within weeks, sometimes even days, after using Cleanest Body, your body can absorb all of the nutrients it needs to restore healthier energy levels. By taking Cleanest Body, you should have increased energy from the moment you wake up until the moment your head hits the pillow to sleep.

Improved Cognition

Recent research has directly linked gut health to brain health and cognition. Poor gut health leads to oxidative damage in the brain from free radicals. It also impairs memory recall, learning ability, and focus.

The Cleanest Body helps restore proper gut health and improves nutrient absorption in the brain, which should restore healthier cognition. You should start being able to remember things faster, learn quicker, have laser-sharp focus, and be more productive than ever before.

Ingredients in Cleanest Body

As briefly mentioned, Cleanest Body contains eleven powerful natural herbal extracts, all of which are carefully sourced to ensure that only the highest quality ingredients are used.

Every ingredient was carefully selected based on its ability to support digestion and immunity and to cleanse your body.


The eleven ingredients in the 100mg proprietary blend of Cleanest Body include:

Black walnut hull: Black walnut is quickly becoming a popular remedy to manage blood sugar levels, eliminate cholesterol, and support healthier blood pressure levels. Studies have found that black walnut hulls can eliminate intestinal worms and other parasites that may be impeding your health. Some research suggests it may also reduce the risk of colon and prostate cancer.

Marshmallow root: Marshmallow root has been used to treat various digestive issues like constipation, heartburn, and intestinal colic for centuries. Research suggests that aqueous extracts and polysaccharides found in marshmallow roots may also help repair the gut lining. Marshmallows also support immunity, heart health, and skin health.

Pumpkin seed extract: Pumpkin seed is a rich source of antioxidants and is associated with improved cardiovascular health. It may reduce your risk for certain diseases as well. It is also rich in fiber and magnesium, two essential nutrients needed for better digestion. It also appears that pumpkin seeds can support better sleep as well.

Fennel seed: Fennel seed is rich in vitamin C and potassium, which help to support blood sugar levels. Fennel seed is also rich in fiber and other phytochemicals that help to support healthier digestion and keep your bowel movements regular. It also may contribute to healthy blood pressure levels and better weight management.

Garlic bulb: Garlic bulb is well known for its ability to boost immunity, athletic performance, cholesterol levels, blood pressure levels, and cognition. Research suggests garlic has antibiotic benefits, which may help eliminate the bad bacteria that are causing digestive issues like gas or bloating.

Oregano leaf oil: Oregano is a staple herb used all over the world. Oregano is high in thymol and carvacrol, two antioxidants that help prevent damage to cells caused by free radicals. It also appears to have natural antimicrobial properties. In other words, oregano may fight bacteria.

Peppermint leaf oil: Peppermint leaf oil is well known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which eliminate parasites, bad bacteria, and other pathogens that impair digestion and weaken your immunity. Peppermint is also said to speed up digestion and may reduce insulin sensitivity, thus improving blood sugar control.

Wormwood herb: Wormwood appears to have strong antioxidant properties and may fight parasitic infections. It also appears to fight inflammation because it contains a compound known as artemisinin. Wormwood can also act as a natural pain relief as well.

Slippery elm bark: Slippery elm bark is often used to treat boils, ulcers, wounds, and bacterial infections. Studies suggest slippery elm bark can also support better digestion, eliminate diarrhea, and improve immunity. There may also be cardiovascular benefits, but there’s limited research.

Clove bud: Clove bud is rich in a compound known as eugenol, which is one of the most beneficial antioxidants for your overall health. Clove has natural antimicrobial properties, which kill the growth of microorganisms like bacteria. Clove may also promote healthier blood sugar control, bone health, and immunity as well.

Papaya seed extract: Papaya has exploded in popularity over the last few years due to the growing number of potential health benefits. Studies have found papaya seed extract can destroy certain types of parasites like bacteria and fungi. Papaya seed may also support kidney function, improve digestion, relieve the symptoms of IBS, and may have anti-cancer properties.

These eleven ingredients make Cleanest Body one of the best digestive aids and cleansing supplements; since its launch, the manufacturer claims over 42,000 men and women worldwide have transformed their bodies and overall health simply by adding the Cleanest Body to their routine.

Potential Side Effects of Cleanest Body – Is it Safe?

Cleanest Body was formulated by a team of doctors, nutritionists, and other experts to maximize effectiveness without sacrificing your safety.

This is why there haven’t been any reports of any serious side effects occurring while using the product. This is not to say that side effects cannot occur, only that they have not occurred yet.

Any supplement can cause stomach issues, nausea, or headaches. However, the risk of experiencing these side effects is very low and likely to be temporary.

Keep in mind that as a digestive supplement, there is a very real possibility you will see an increase in bowel movements while using this product. This is entirely normal and likely to be a result of your body flushing out excess waste that has built up in your digestive tract.

Overall, the Cleanest Body should not cause any side effects, nor should it negatively impact your health in any way. In the extremely rare event it does, you should discontinue use and contact your doctor to get advice as to whether you should permanently stop using the product.

Is Cleanest Body Right For You?

Cleanest Body is predominately safe but may not be right for everyone to use.

  • For example, pregnant or nursing mothers should likely avoid using this product as the effects are unknown.
  • Likewise, Cleanest Body is only meant for otherwise healthy adults over the age of 18. Therefore, if you are under the age of 18, you should not use this product, nor should you give it to your kids.
  • Those on prescription medication or have serious medical conditions. In this case, we recommend you speak to your doctor before trying this product just to be sure it will not interfere with any medications or conditions you may have.

In general, if you are an otherwise healthy adult looking to improve your digestive health and immunity, or want to lose some excess weight, then Cleanest Body can help you achieve your goals.

How to Order Cleanest Body

If you believe Cleanest Body is right for you, then the best place to order is directly through the official website at

You’ll see three packages to choose from on the official website, with steep discounts on multiple bottle package orders.

Here are the three options currently available:

  • One bottle: $69.00 + Free Shipping
  • Three bottles: $59.00 per bottle + Free Shipping + Two Free eBooks
  • Six bottles: $49.00 per bottle + Free Shipping + Two Free eBooks

Every order also comes with free shipping, and orders of the three and six-bottle packages come with two free eBooks, and all four major credit cards are accepted.


Cleanest Body Guarantee

Trusted supplement companies stand by their products by offering their customers a satisfaction guarantee. The Cleanest Body is no different; they offer all customers a 100%, 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase in any way, or experience side effects, you are entitled to a full refund – no questions.

To receive a refund, fill out the packing slip that arrived with the order, return the products to the address shown below, and contact the manufacturer within 60 days of purchasing the product. You’ll be given instructions on how to return the product. Once returned, you’ll receive a full refund within 48 hours.

  • Product Return Address: 285 Northeast Ave, Tallmadge, OH 44278, United States
  • Email Support:
  • ClickBank Order Support:!/

Cleanest Body Bonus Materials

If you select the three-bottle or six-bottle package, then Cleanest Body will provide you with two free bonus e-books to further support your health. They claim these bonuses are worth an astounding $218 but can be yours free if you select the three or six-month package.

These two bonuses include:

Bonus #1 – Secrets of a Mayan shaman radical body renewal in 30 days or less

This bonus ebook explains many of the health secrets and healing plants that are just being uncovered and studied in the Amazon jungle. You’ll find out the 3 ancient morning habits from the Mayans to turn back the clock on your body’s age by more than a decade. It also explains the pressure points the Mayans used to activate energy levels in your body and much more.

Bonus #2 – The eight government screw-ups that are costing you over $225,000 in healthcare costs

According to the writer, you’ll discover a toxic ingredient that has been banned in EU countries but is still found in hundreds of products in the United States. You’ll also learn why you should avoid walking barefoot in the grass and the incredibly essential oil that can renew your gut lining. Finally, you’ll discover healthy habits, plants, and other things related to your health that the government has tried censoring, which is costing you thousands in healthcare costs.

Again both of these bonuses are completely free if you purchase the three or six-month package. You can keep them even if you return your bottles of Cleanest Body as well.


Final Recap

Although Cleanest Body is new, it has already helped thousands of individuals improve their immunity, digestion, weight loss, and overall wellness.

These eleven powerful ingredients will help you look and feel better than you have in years.

If you’re ready to restore your youthful energy and vigor once more, want to get a healthier, slimmer body, or just want to improve your overall health, then you need to purchase Cleanest Body today!