Hyper Drill Reviews – Is HyperDrill Legit or Fake Electric Screwdriver?

Have you ever thought about how much fun it would be to work on a home renovation or try woodworking projects? These projects may appear complex on paper, but when the finished result is delivered, people are often delighted with both the outcome and the process. However, for this to be true, individuals must have access to innovative technologies that are neither complicated nor difficult to use.

If you were to imagine a toolbox right now, you’d undoubtedly be wary of the numerous components, such as screwdrivers, spanners, sockets, pliers, knives, torches, and so on. What if our editorial team identified a device that is not only user-friendly but also takes up significantly less space than a toolbox? Would this help boost confidence? If so, here’s all the necessary information on the Hyper Drill.

What is the Hyper Drill?

The Hyper Drill is marketed as the world’s most versatile cordless screwdriver. Our editorial team was especially pleased by its capacity to replace 30 different screwdrivers and 12 different socket wrenches. But the best part—at least from what has been revealed so far—is how user-friendly it is. When it comes to making repairs at home, most individuals are apprehensive and wait for a specialist or someone at home who knows how to use tools.

Luckily, the transforming features of this innovative device enable nearly anyone, even the elderly, to complete any task. To determine how user-friendly the Hyper Drill is, we must examine its features.

What features does the Hyper Drill have?

There are plenty worth dissecting, but based on consumer feedback, the following takes the cake:

2 Power Tools in One

Traditional drills are one-dimensional in their purpose. With the Hyper Drill, people may now obtain a small power drill (taking on the shape of a pistol but with increased flexibility) that doubles as a precision screwdriver. The dual nature of the Hyper Drill stems from its ability to use a variety of driver bits, making things relatively simple for people who need to modify or drive screws.

Lightweight & Comfortable

As stated by the creators, the Hyper Drill weighs up to 70% less than a traditional power drill, allowing individuals to maneuver quickly for efficient screw-fastening. This is especially true for screws that must be drilled down in difficult-to-reach areas. Aside from the weight of the device contributing to overall comfort in handling it, the creators claim to have added an ergonomic grip. People can so cheerfully say goodbye to awkward grips, clunky sensations, and cramps that they used to experience during use.

Smart & Powerful

The Hyper Drill is reported to have enough power to finish whatever task one wishes, including home installations, repairs, and making wooden crafts, among other things. The reason for such a wide range of jobs is that each charge easily yields more than four hours of battery life. Moreover, this drill comprises a copper motor, demonstrating its general power regardless of how complicated a project may be.


Users can simply switch the head to drill mode when an electric screwdriver is insufficient to finish a task. The Hyper Drill’s flexibility is considered crucial for limiting the need to frequently swap between tools mid-project. As previously said, this distinguishes Hyper Drill from most competitors in this market.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What type of battery does Hyper Drill use?

A. Hyper Drill runs on a durable lithium battery, which is a standard for most rechargeable devices.

Q. What does each Hyper Drill unit come with?

A. The Hyper Drill is set in a tool kit that also includes the following:

  • An apex bit that allows one to unscrew/drill from an unusual angle or in confined spaces
  • Eight sockets and seven drill bits for unscrewing bolts of all sizes
  • 30 distinct screwdriver tips that replace 30 screwdriver units
  • A portable, water-resistant toolbox that is also lightweight and compact

Q. What types of work is the Hyper Drill suitable for?

A. The Hyper Drill can complete any task requiring drilling or screwing. Building a deck, shed, awning, or treehouse, installing doors, shelves, cabinets, and other household fixtures, and tightening corners are some of the many examples that come to mind.

Q. Can the elderly use the Hyper Drill without injury?

A. As long as the specified directions are strictly followed, the risk of injury is regarded as minimal. Furthermore, the Hyper Drill design allows easy use and needs minimal effort from individuals because the motor supplies all of the power.

Q. What is the Hyper Drill magnetic tip?

A. The magnetic tip assures that drill bits are secured and cannot escape from the Hyper Drill. This is another useful feature because people no longer have to look for loose parts mid-project.

Q. Can customers use the Hyper Drill in the dark?

A. Since the Hyper Drill has a built-in flashlight, people shouldn’t have trouble reaching dark areas; however, working in complete darkness is not recommended.

Q. How long will it take for Hyper Drill shipments to arrive?

A. All orders should be processed within two business days of confirmation. Following that, shipping to the continental USA will require an additional 3 to 5 business days, while shipments to other parts of the world may require up to 15 business days.

Q. Does a money-back guarantee protect the Hyper Drill?

A. Yes, the Hyper Drill has been protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If individuals had a change of heart within the first 30 days from the order date, they could contact customer support for a full purchase price refund. It is important to note that orders eligible for a refund are returned in brand-new condition, unused/unworn, and in their original packaging.

A 10% restocking fee will likely be charged as well, but this needs to be confirmed by customer support. For more information, consider one of the following points of communication:

  • Email: cs@imoderntrends.com.
  • Phone: 1 (833) 656 1790
  • Mailing & Return Address: Hyper Drill, 5525 S. Soto St., Vernon, CA 90058, USA


How much does the Hyper Drill cost?

There are presently three pricing offers for the Hyper Drill kit, as listed below:

  • One Hyper Drill Kit: $69.00 Each + $8.99 Shipping Fee
  • Two Hyper Drill Kits: $69.50 Each + $8.99 Shipping Fee
  • Four Hyper Drill Kits: $49.75 Each + $8.99 Shipping Fee

Individuals can also get a 3-year extended warranty for $9.99 during checkout. At the time of writing, very little information on the coverage had been released, which must be clarified with customer care.

Final Verdict

Based on the above analysis, the Hyper Drill includes almost 30 screwdrivers and a drill in one device. This item struck our editorial team since it addresses many of the issues associated with traditional power tools and screwdrivers. We aren’t simply referring to completely removing the complexity of switching from tool to tool.

The Hyper Drill is also attractive because of its lightweight and portable nature, easy grip for maximum comfort, flexibility that allows for quick switching between two modes with the press of a button, and a magnetic tip that ensures bits are locked in place until it is time to swap them out again.

Having a built-in flashlight is also convenient, which should come in handy while working in dark corners. To learn more about how the Hyper Drill reimages home installations and repairs, visit the official website here! >>>

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