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Patriot Smart Card Reviews - Real Donald Trump Membership Card for Patriots?

The Patriot Smart Card is a smart card that supports the legacy that Donald Trump left behind with his presidency. The card is functional and unique, and users can purchase up to 10 of them at a time. What is the Patriot Smart Card?

The Patriot Smart Card is a smart card that supports the legacy that Donald Trump left behind with his presidency. The card is functional and unique, and users can purchase up to 10 of them at a time.

What is the Patriot Smart Card?

On January 20th, 2021, millions of Americans watched as the greatness of the Oval Office – Donald Trump – stepped down from the presidency. For many of his followers, this moment was quite sad, leaving them unsure of the political future of the country. The country lost a leader who substantially changed the whole world, and many people see him as a success story for the history books.

Donald Trump has consistently shown how successful he can be with the United States government, demonstrating excellence through everything he pursues. He’s managed to make his way in the world of real estate, sports, and entertainment too. That’s why so many of his followers are constantly clamoring to hold memorabilia of the good times that have already passed. The creators of the Patriot Smart Card allege that users can make a purchase that would potentially bring him back to the White House.

Though there are plenty of dollars and certificates that can be used as a type of memorabilia for Donald Trump, that’s not what consumers get with the Patriot Smart Card. Instead, the creators of the Patriot Smart Card explain that the gift is functional and allows users to join with the rest of the community of members.

By purchasing the Patriot Smart Card, consumers automatically sign up for a lifetime premium membership with Proud Patriots. The Patriot Smart Card is a limited edition card, and it will only be available to a select number of customers because inventory won’t be restocked. However, this purchase comes with one other benefit – security. The card automatically taps into the users NFC technology to ensure that their card is exclusively protected.

Buying the Patriot Smart Card

The only way that consumers are able to purchase the Patriot Smart Card is if they go through the official website. The website allows users to choose from a few different quantities, depending on how many they want to have on hand.

The packages on the website include:

  • 1 Patriot Smart Card for $99
  • 3 Patriot Smart Cards for $207
  • 5 Patriot Smart Cards for $295
  • 10 Patriot Smart Cards for $490

All orders have free shipping and handling.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Patriot Smart Card

How much money does the Patriot Smart Card hold?

None. While this card is functional for certain purposes, one of those purposes is not to store any monetary value. It cannot be used to pay for anything. Instead, the smart card allows access to the membership.

When will users receive notification that their Patriot Smart Card is on the way?

Users will receive notification as soon as the creators get the order. The shipment should arrive within 5-7 business days.

Will users have to cover the cost of shipping?

No. For all packages, the creators have already covered the fees for shipping and handling.

Are refunds available?

Yes. If the user is unhappy with any item from Proud Patriots, they’ll get their money back. The refund policy only covers the first 30 days after the purchase was made, and there can be no damage or deterioration to the quality. Some areas of the website indicate that the money-back guarantee covers up to 60 days.

Can consumers order the Patriot Smart Card outside of the United States?

Yes. International shipping is available, but the website doesn’t indicate exactly the locations that are eligible.

How can consumers be featured on the Proud Patriots social media?

The creators at Proud Patriots aim to make every customer a happy one. That’s why they want to share their positive interactions with customers. Anyone who contacts the customer service team with a picture of themselves with their product could be featured online.

The customer service team can be reached by emailing They can also be reached by calling 720-699-7610.


The Patriot Smart Card offers a unique way to support Donald Trump and his trek back to the White House. This card is not meant to hold value, but the creators state that it helps users to improve their connection with other followers. The card is easy to purchase on the official website, and users will inherently get a subscription to Proud Patriots as a result.