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RaptorVR Reviews - High Performance Virtual Gaming Headset or Scam?

RaptorVR Review

RaptorVR Review

A smartphone VR headset is a perfect introduction to virtual reality. If your idea of a day is well spent immersing yourself into the virtual reality world, the RaptorVR 3D headset will fit in with your VR dream. This smartphone VR headset is designed to bring an authentic and immersive VR experience from your smartphone.

RaptorVR Headset – What Is It?

The RaptorVR headset is mobile VR, where you slide your phone into the VR headset, and the device uses the phone’s screen to produce a virtual reality experience. It works with newer Android and iPhone smartphones and uses a set of lenses and the smartphone to create a sense of depth for the VR content.

RaptorVR Headset – Features

These features make the RaptorVR a worthy buy.

High-Quality Optical Lenses

RaptorVR uses high-definition optical resin lenses. It produces crisp and accurate virtual graphics that rival more expensive options. For this reason, it is our number one choice for anyone looking for an affordable virtual reality headset.

Thanks to the 8-layer nano-coating, RaptorVR will last long since the coating protects against scratches. The lenses also stay cleaner for longer because the surface is dirt-repellant. Finally, you’ll find the glasses easy to clean because they don’t streak often.

HD Screen Resolution

A 1080p 3D screen and a 360-degree view are ideal for immersive 3D gaming or watching movies. It’s also the perfect choice for exploring the virtual reality world. Therefore, you can make presentations, interact online with fellow VR enthusiasts, or go into a private location to meditate with like-minded individuals.

All-Day Comfort

Want to spend your day gaming or binge-watching? The RaptorVR headset is engineered for all-day wear. With premium mesh and synthetic padding, it steers clear of moisture around the eyes. In addition, you will find the plush padding comfortable to wear for extended periods. Moreover, the weight around the front and back is well-balanced to prevent neck aches.

The flexible and adjustable straps are another thoughtful feature of the RaptorVR. Forget about tugging and pulling because this headset will slide comfortably, and you can adjust them as needed. Besides, it has padding strategically to prevent light bleeding from reaching the eyes and ruining your VR experience.

On-Ear Headphones

RaptorVR relies on your headphones and smartphone speakers for sound. It means you’ll be dealing with wires. However, it doesn’t affect your experience since it maintains immersion.

Built for Custom Images

RaptorVR is equipped with a focal adjuster knob to achieve the perfect image quality. It allows you to adjust the peripheral and focal length to get your eyes’ ideal field of view. Hence, if you have long lashes or wear large prescription glasses, you can adjust the focal distance by 20mm for a custom view by making the view clear to your eyes.

You can also adjust the distance between the lenses using the left or right rotating distance adjustment knobs. The knobs adjust the distance between pupils for better near-field interactions.

Wide Compatibility

RaptorVR is compatible with most Android phones and iPhones. It can fit smartphones with a screen size of 4 to 6 inches. Besides, it supports countless VR apps, from Incell VR to Zombie Shooter VR, Rec Room, and many other VR titles.


User Experience

RaptorVR is designed for beginners and pros alike. It is super easy to set up. Once you get your headset, you must insert your phone and headphones and dive into a whole new world. It is perfect for 3D gaming, watching movies, and exploring new places. You now have access to more than just game-centric VR content from the VR apps on your smartphone.

Gaming Experience

When you put on the RaptorVR headset, you get inside a virtual experience and can launch various games. You can play interactive games with only your hands or pair the RaptorVR with the ergonomic Bluetooth GamePad Remote to transform your gaming imagination.

The RaptorVr headset takes you from the sidelines into the action. You’ll now be able to enjoy the thrill of a roller coaster, pump up the adrenaline with mobile FPS such as Gunjack 2, or visit gorgeous locations with a peaceful exploration game like Trail World VR. It is the ideal choice for single-player games where you’ll find yourself breathing and living in a virtual world.

Supports Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is such a fantastic concept. You don’t need a mixed-reality headset to enter the world of augmented reality. With RaptorVR, you can remove the magnetic cover to reveal your smartphone’s camera. Then, with an AR-enabled device, you can capture your surroundings and interact with images of the real world.

Who Should Buy the RaptorVR Headset?

If you already own a newer smartphone with powerful features, like a Samsung Galaxy S9 or HTC U11, you can venture into VR with the RaptorVR headset. Still, it pairs with various devices since it depends on your phone’s camera, screen, and resolution to create the virtual reality experience. Thus, you will find that the picture quality is better when the smartphone already has high-quality graphics.

Since it’s a low-cost VR headset, RaptorVR introduces you to affordable VR with a smartphone headset. It’s particularly useful for kids since it’s easy to use and also preoccupies them with 3D entertainment. Not to mention the learning capabilities of creating engaging lessons that are more memorable than the traditional classroom.

What’s Not to Like?

With the RaptorVR, you will have to deal with wires since it does not have built-in speakers. In addition, it relies on your smartphone’s battery. Although you can plug your phone directly when watching, it’s adding even more wires, meaning you’ll need to limit movement when plugged in to prevent tugging on cables or tripping. The best place to use the RaptorVR is on a swivel chair for side-to-side movements.


  • Lightweight design
  • 360-degree view
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Works with most VR apps
  • Features focal and peripheral adjustment knobs
  • Comfortable headband with breathable fabric
  • High-quality optical resin lenses
  • It fits snugly on most heads


  • Users with large glasses may find it challenging to adjust the focal distance

Final Thoughts

The RaptorVR smartphone VR glasses tip the scales in their favor due to their high-quality lenses and comfortable design. It offers you an affordable entry into VR without compromising quality. Although most of the heavy lifting is done through your smartphone, RaptorVR’s untethered VR experience is functional for anyone looking to make the most of their money in mobile VR.