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Replacing interior doors is a simple summer project you can do yourself!

Do you know the difference between a shaker and a shaker-style door?
Windsor Plywood offers much more than just plywood — you’ll find doors, mouldings, panelling, flooring, hardware, finishes, tools and specialty wood to complete just about any project around the house.

Summer is a great time to tackle some of those home improvement projects that you’ve been putting off, like replacing interior doors that have seen better days. Knowing where to start can feel overwhelming with any do-it-yourself project, but you’d be surprised at how easy it can be to replace interior doors thanks to Windsor Plywood’s quick and easy machine match service.

“Interior door replacements are probably one of the easiest projects to tackle as a homeowner,” says Kelly Yeo, store manager at Windsor Plywood in Surrey. “If you bring in your old door we can take all the measurements and then apply them to your new door to essentially create a perfect match. Take the replacement home and reattach to the hinges — it’s really that simple!”

When Windsor does all the heavy lifting (literally and figuratively!), all thats left is picking your new door — and you’ll have no shortage of choices available.

“There are generally three styles of interior doors: flush, shaker and shaker-style,” Yeo says. “True shaker and shaker-style doors are aesthetically pleasing and timeless in design, while flush doors are affordable and offer a clean, minimalistic appearance.”

  • True shaker doors: Shaker doors get their name from the Shaker religious group that were known for their practical and made-to-last approach to interior design. A true shaker door features exclusively 90-degree angles with up to three panels and no additional design features or embellishments. They’re a little pricer then a standard flush door, but generally more affordable then a shaker-style door. Practical, simple but attractive, these doors will provide a timeless feel to your home that never goes out of style.
  • Shaker-style doors: Shaker-style doors are reminiscent of the true shaker design but with added flare. While true shaker doors don’t deviate from their simple 90-degree angles, shaker-style doors are essentially any door that took inspiration from a true shaker and ran with it. They might feature inlayed clear or frosted glass, rounded edges or simply more panels than the traditional three found on a true shaker. Shaker-style doors are generally more expensive then true shaker or flush doors, but they also offer a much wider range of design features and provide your home with more personality.
  • Flush interior doors: If clean, minimalistic design is your preference, then it doesn’t get more minimalistic then a flush interior door. Flush interior doors are cut from a single slab with no additional design features. They’re popular for their clean aesthetic and affordable price-point.

Find more information online at and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube for design and do-it-yourself project advice, straight from their in-store experts! Visit Windsor Plywood at their Surrey location at 13315 Comber Way.