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Why this is no ordinary team of family orthodontics specialists

Long-standing Surrey practice wants residents to know they’re here, and they care!
The talented team of professionals at Maduke-Bulat have history and connection in the community.

There’s a good reason Surrey orthodontics clinic Maduke-Bulat is a well-established institution in the Surrey community – or you might say, many reasons!

With a mission to provide outstanding patient care while offering state-of-the-art techniques, equipment and sterilization in a warm and compassionate environment, the clinic boasts highly trained professionals with credentials beyond what you’ll find at your regular dental clinic.

This is a team that provides high quality orthodontics services for both children and adults.

After Dr. Sandra Maduke and Dr. Ryan Bulat both completed dental school, they went on to complete residencies in orthodontics, which is what distinguishes them as certified specialists. They are also proud to introduce Dr. Bernardo Peres to the team – also a dentist and certified specialist, who has completed PhD in sleep medicine at UBC as well.

Patients can feel relaxed in the comfortable family atmosphere, and can rest assured that Dr. Maduke, Dr. Bulat and Dr. Peres recognize that every patient is an individual, and as such, requires individual attention and care.

“We are really proud to stand by our work,” says Dr. Maduke, “ but we also want people to know that we’re here, in one location. We don’t have multiple locations, and our team is dedicated to serving the people in our community.”

Dr. Bulat notes that, “Dr. Maduke, Dr. Peres and I work collaboratively on treatment plans for each patient and we feel that this extra effort enhances patient care.” The clinic also has a team of specialized assistants that have completed Certified Orthodontic Assistant training, a specialty course beyond the standard CDA training.

Beyond their expertise in providing orthodontics services, the doctors and staff at Maduke-Bulat are a family that serves families. With many team members who’ve been at the clinic for over 20 years, they have a strong bond with the patients they serve that can only come from treating patients through generations.

“We’ve treated people when they were kids, and now they’re adults and we’re treating their kids!” says Krista Berwick, certified orthodontic assistant and treatment coordinator.

Dr. Maduke also points out that their certified orthodontic assistants all emphasize communication when talking to patients about the treatments and procedures they’ll be receiving. “They’re exceptional at explaining the treatments, which is invaluable when dealing with children and teens.”

Karen Gill, another of the certified orthodontic assistants, emphasizes that, “we absolutely love coming to work! All of us on the team here at Maduke-Bulat truly enjoy our jobs and feel fortunate to work with such quality and caring doctors”.

One orthodontic service that Maduke-Bulat has been specializing in for twenty years is Invisalign, a system that uses a series of clear, removable aligners that straighten your teeth – a way to get the beautiful straight teeth you’ve always wanted without braces. Best of all, no one can tell you’re wearing them!

The team at Maduke-Bulat is also proud to give back to the community they serve, by supporting initiatives like dry grads and local sports teams, and by awarding high school scholarships each year.

To learn more about your local orthodontics clinic, visit at 6350 120 Street #127 in Surrey, visit online at and on Facebook and Instagram.