Richard Sherman and Pete Carroll embrace in Super Bowl XLVIII

Richard Sherman and Pete Carroll embrace in Super Bowl XLVIII

Seattle Seahawks lock up Richard Sherman for $57 million, 4 years

The face of the NFL's best defence is returning to the Pacific Northwest and the Super Bowl-champion Seahawks...

The face of the NFL’s best defence is returning to Seattle and the Seahawks.

The club re-signed cornerback Richard Sherman on Wednesday, locking down the outspoken defender for $57.4 million over four years. $40 million of that contract is guaranteed.

Sherman was asked by reporters on Wednesday whether the very visible shoulder chip he plays with will be softened with a fat new contract and a Super Bowl ring.

“There were still 23 people picked ahead of me,” he said, going back to his draft, when he was picked 154th overall. “That didn’t change. $40 million didn’t erase that, and nothing will erase that. Nothing will erase that mentality, and that’s something I’ll always keep. It keeps me hungry, it keeps me attacking and it keeps me angry.”

In February, Sherman and the Seahawks won the franchise’s first Super Bowl, 43-8 over the Denver Broncos. It was Sherman who made the play of the postseason in the NFC Championship, knocking Colin Kaepernick’s away from the waiting hands of San Francisco receiver Michael Crabtree, in the endzone. The ball was intercepted and Seattle won by six points, 23-17.

Last year, Sherman has eight interceptions and 48 combined tackles. He had 64 combined tackles and eight interceptions the year before, in 2012.

The vocal Sherman announced his contract extension on Wednesday in the most Sherman-esque way possible… on Twitter:

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