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Cougar sedated and captured outside Kelowna, B.C., apartment

Cougar sedated outside Kelowna, B.C., apartment

KELOWNA, B.C. — An unexpected and unwanted visitor to an apartment building in Kelowna, B.C., on Sunday night set off a quick response by police and the conservation service.

Residents called after seeing a cougar hunker down into a brick alcove just outside the main doors of the building.

RCMP called in the conservation service who managed to tranquilize the adult female without incident.

The animal was later put down by conservation officers, who said it was in poor health and had a canine tooth that had broken off and gotten infected.

Officer Ed Seitz says returning the cougar to the wilderness would likely have prolonged the animal's suffering.

The cat was an adult female, about six years old and 45 kilograms.

Police say in a news release that the tenants in the building did the right thing by calling for help instead of trying to take the situation into their own hands. (CKFR, CHBC)


The Canadian Press