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6 puppies dead after heat lamp left in carport sparks fire in Terrace

Two puppies and their mother survived, no people were injured

Six puppies died in a structural fire in the carport of a northwest B.C. home on March 2.

Twelve Terrace fire fighters were on the scene with three trucks to extinguish the flames. The fire department says no occupants were home at the time of incident but there was a dog with her puppies in the carport area.

The six animals were found dead while the mother dog and two puppies, one female and one male, escaped with minor injuries according to the residents.

The fire is believed to have been caused by an electric heat lamp in the carport. Dry hay in the carport is believed to have caused the fire to spread rapidly, fully involving a nearby vehicle. A propane tank was close by and a boat was also exposed to the fire.

The fire did substantial damage to the carport area of the house but was very limited in its damage to the interior. Most interior damage was from smoke and water.

Occupants of the home who spoke with The Terrace Standard thanked the fire department and RCMP for responding. They’re distraught at the loss of their puppies, who they were trying to keep warm with a heat lamp.


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