Alleged stolen vehicle involved in multi-vehicle crash in Surrey

Alleged stolen vehicle involved in multi-vehicle crash in Surrey

FLEETWOOD — The man behind the wheel of an alleged stolen vehicle was the cause of a multi-vehicle incident Thursday morning that closed off a major street in Fleetwood.

According to Earl Forney, who’s vehicle was hit in the crash, a silver Jeep was speeding east bound on 96th avenue at around 11:15 a.m. when it spun out in the intersection of 140th street hitting his and another civilian vehicle.

Forney said Undercover officers seemingly in pursuit of the vehicle then attempted to box the vehicle in, causing driver to flee.

"I tried to trip the guy but wasn’t able to," said Forney, who then witnessed police chase down and apprehend the man.

A Surrey RCMP spokesman confirmed the incident and noted that an officer and driver of one of the vehicles was injured during the incident.

"It looks like of the two civilian vehicles involved, one of the drivers had a bit of a sore neck but no serious injuries to them," said the spokesman. "As well, one officer hurt their leg during the process of the arrest but from the sounds of it was not seriously injured."

While the incident took place in Fleetwood, Surrey RCMP confirmed that the officers involved were part of another agency but could not say which one.

"We are obviously investigating the crash though, as it occured in our jurisdiction," said the spokesman.

As for the suspect, Forney said that the driver of the Jeep was a south-asian male, possibly in his 30s.

Drivers are being asked to avoid the area for the time being.