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Be summer smart, Surrey bylaws says

Four more bylaws officers have joined Surrey’s team for the summer months

Now summer is here, Surrey’s bylaws department is reminding people to use their common sense when it comes to safety issues.

For example, smokers are reminded not to chuck their cigarette butts out of their car windows or on the grass, so as not to start roadside fires. Surrey’s bylaws manager Jas Rehal said that hasn’t yet proven to be a problem this year, but it’s early days yet.

“We’re trying to get the word out early,” he said. “Given there’s more light, there’s more people out.”

Rehal said his crew is generally busier during the summer and for that reason four more bylaws officers have joined the team, for the summer months.

He reminds residents that smoking and drinking booze is prohibited in all parks, including athletic parks, recreational facilities and parking lots. Opening fires aren’t permitted anywhere in Surrey, and this includes outdoor fireplaces, campfires and chimneys.

Be a good neighbour if your entertaining in your back yard, and if you’re planning to walk your dog without a leash remember this is only allowed in Surrey’s 10 designated off-leash parks.

Don’t leave people or pets in a parked car, because heat can kill. And remember to abide by summer sprinkling regulations and don’t waste water.

About the Author: Tom Zytaruk

I write unvarnished opinion columns and unbiased news reports for the Surrey Now-Leader.
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