Beware of door-to-door scam, Surrey Food Bank warns

Con artist says he's 'collecting' for charity.

The Surrey Food Bank is warning residents about a possible donation scam.

A man has been canvassing for a food bank, asking for money and donations. His most recent targets – as late as Wednesday – were homes in Fraser Heights.

Tiffany Parton, manager of resources and development at the Surrey Food Bank, said the man claims, alternately, that he is collecting for “the food bank,” The Surrey Food Bank specifically, or the Single Parent Food Bank.

“People don’t realize he’s a scam artist until after he’s gone away with their money,” Parton said.

While the Single Parent Food Bank ( does collect donations at the door, president Tom Bahnuk said “the Single Parent Food Bank never ever represents itself as anything but The Single Parent Food Bank,” and canvassers have identification.

The Surrey Food Bank does not solicit donations door-to-door or over the phone. For more information about the Surrey Food Bank and how to make a legitimate donation, visit or call 604-581-5443.

Surrey North Delta Leader